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Processing Methods
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Brass Bushing Copper Cast Gear Machining Worm gear Casting

Machine Center
We have a state-of-the-art technology machine workshop includes various machinery viz. CNC, Lathe Machine, Slotting Machines, Center less Grinders, Milling Machines, Lapping Machines, SPM's, Drilling Machines, Etc. With all the required jig's and Fixtures developed according to requirements.

CNC Facility
We have adopted latest machinery which helps to produce well in quality products.

Grooving Profile
We have with rich grass root experience of its experts can produce many types of grooving profile

Gear hobbing machine
We pressed with hob generating method processing straight teeth and helical teeth and herringbone gear tooth cylindrical gear and worm gear cutting machine tool, also machining worm gear, sprocket, etc.



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